Thursday, 2 February 2012

Is Your Phone Ready?

Right now, how far away are you from your mobile? How many times have you looked at your mobile in the last hour? Most likely, you, like millions of others, have a smartphone.
The rapid growth in the Smartphones has also brought the risk of vulnerability with it.
From social networks to email marketing, people are doing it all on their phones.
But the important question which arises here is: Are smartphones really prepared?
Get Safe Online has revealed that there has been an increase in the number of malware attacks as the smartphone market has grown.

The scary part is that the frauds are very sophisticated. Attackers have created Apps which secretly generate cash, without the user realising it, and they don’t notice it till they see the monthly bill.

Symantec has warned Android users that their phones were at risk and that they had found at least six different malicious softwares.

Firebrand has taught complete novices how to hack in just 15 minutes.

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