Wednesday, 21 March 2012

What is ITIL?

IT InfrastructureLibrary (ITIL) is the only consistent and inclusive certification of best practice for IT Service Management. It's used by thousands of organisations around the world, including NASA, the UK National Health Service (NHS), HSBC bank and Disney™.

ITIL advocates that IT services must be associated with the requirements of the business and should strengthen and support the core business processes. It provides guidance to organisations on how to use IT as a tool to facilitate business change, transformation and growth.

The ITIL Service Lifecycle starts with the identification of customer needs and drivers of IT requirements, goes on to the design and implementation of the service into operation and finally, on to the monitoring and improvement phase of the service.

Some of the benefits of adopting ITIL are:
  • improved IT services
  • reduced costs
  • improved customer satisfaction
  • improved productivity
  • improved use of skills and experience
  • improved delivery of third party service