Monday, 2 April 2012

Hacking Can Kill You...

Firebrand, with hundreds of world’s hackers, attended Hacker Halted 2011 in Miami. We were on a fact-finding mission, to add the latest practices to the world’s most popular Ethical Hackingcourse.

We’ve shared some of the shocking stats revealed from the conference:
  • 2,000,000 new malicious websites are detected every month 
  • 100,000 new malwares are screened every day
  • It takes, on average, 110 days to fix a security vulnerability on a website
  • 44% of the world’s websites have had a serious security exposure every day of the year
  • 70% of IT professionals say that mobile computing is now the biggest threat to IT security

Robert Chapman, CEO of Firebrand Training says: “The stats from Hacker Halted are a reminder that we’re all more vulnerable than ever. There are thousands of new threats every day, and there currently aren’t enough ‘cyber defenders’ to deal with them.”

“The scary thing is that it’s not always about money. One hacker demonstrated how a wireless insulin pump could effectively be used to deliver fatal injections. It sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But it’s here now, and it’s very real.”