Monday, 16 April 2012

Microsoft heads for the Cloud

Microsoft is changing the Microsoft Certification Program (MCP) for IT professionals and developers. The changes are being made to meet the growing skills gap in the technology industry.

Microsoft has created three levels - Associate, Expert and Master – to helps professionals have a clear idea of the career path they are embarking on, from the basic level to the most advanced. The certification levels are now updated to be more solution-oriented. They keep in check the industry’s changing needs, while ensuring quality and relevance.

Companies all over the world have embraced Cloud Computing solutions, resulting in an upward trend for the demand for skilled professionals in Cloud Technologies. Forecasts estimate that by 2015 IT cloud services will generate almost 14 million jobs worldwide.

Microsoft has reinvented their mainstream certification Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) to incorporate Cloud. The new MCSE certifies that you have the competency to work with new ‘ever-expanding’ technologies. MCSE is for those who plan to implement cloud solutions in their companies. It is ideal for IT professionals and developers who are proficient with Microsoft Technology Solutions.

“The new Microsoft certifications are raising the bar across the industry and reflect industry shifts that require a broader knowledge base and deeper skills across solutions that cloud computing requires,” said Don Field, Microsoft’s senior director of Product Management. “The Microsoft certifications reflect the experience and skills needed to build, manage and evolve solutions in a cloud-based environment, ensuring validation of real-world skills for individuals and helping hiring managers identify the best-qualified job candidates.”